After my baccalaureate, I entered the Chemical Engineering – Process Engineering program at the IUT of Lorient-Pontivy in Pontivy, then I went on to engineering school at the ENSIC (École Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques) in Nancy. I also did a double degree with the Hochschule of Mannheim in Germany. After these five years of study, I applied for a PhD at the UBS and I was selected! So I continued my studies on the topic of stabilization of Sargassum by different drying processes. My work consists in the optimization of convective drying and freeze-drying of macroalgae by pulsed electric fields for their biorefinery. The study is more oriented towards the drying of Sargassum (Sargassum muticum and holopelagic Sargassum) since my PhD is closely linked to the SAVE-C project which is interested in the study of holopelagic Sargassum responsible for massive strandings on the Caribbean coast. I am doing my PhD in the laboratory of the Research Institute Dupuy de Lôme, whose branch is based in Pontivy. 

As part of my PhD, I presented my research at the International Drying Symposium held June 26-29, 2022 in Worcester, USA.

Brown alga Sargassum muticum drying : effect of different drying processes on drying kinetics, functional properties and surface color