After my baccalaureate, I entered the Chemical Engineering – Process Engineering program at the IUT of Lorient-Pontivy in Pontivy, then I went on to engineering school at the ENSIC (École Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques) in Nancy. I also did a double degree with the Hochschule of Mannheim in Germany. After these five years of study, I applied for a PhD at the UBS and I was selected! So I continued my studies on the topic of stabilization of Sargassum by different drying processes. My work consists in the optimization of convective drying and freeze-drying of macroalgae by pulsed electric fields for their biorefinery. TheRead More →

Anne Pajot is a PhD student at the GENALG laboratory, PHYTOX unit, at IFREMER in Nantes, and at the GEPEA laboratory of the University of Nantes, in Saint-Nazaire. Her thesis topic is based on the study of the influence of light and nutrients on the photosynthetic apparatus in a microalgae. More precisely, she studies the light collecting antenna, which contains pigments and proteins. One of the pigments, fucoxanthin, is of immense interest in the fields of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. By studying its synthesis in microalgae and the associated genes, we can anticipate its natural production on a larger scale. Then, a second axis ofRead More →

My name is Qikun XING. I am currently a post-doctoral researcher in Incheon National University. I am interested in bioinformatics, ecology and genetic breeding. I did my PhD in Station Biologique de Roscoff. My PhD project is the regulation of oxylipin signaling pathways during defense responses in kelps. During my PhD, I analyzed transcriptomic regulation of kelps during the interaction with endophytes. I also studied the transcriptomic and metabolomic regulation in Saccharina latissima after GG elicitation to explore the regulation of oxylipin pathway during defense responses. My postdoc project is to increase the thermotolerance of S. japonica using biostimulants or genetic breeding.Read More →

I have always been impressed by Nature and the phenomena that take place in it. Being interested in living things and the ways to take care of them, I turned to study agricultural engineering at VetAgro Sup Clermont-Ferrand. There I discovered ecology. I continued my studies with a Master 2 Research in Functional, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Rennes and then with a PhD at the University of Lorraine. During my three-year PhD thesis at INRAE in Nancy, within the Tree-Microorganism Interaction team, I studied the evolution of a fungus parasite of poplar with, among others, quantitative genetic approaches. I then appliedRead More →