I have always been impressed by Nature and the phenomena that take place in it. Being interested in living things and the ways to take care of them, I turned to study agricultural engineering at VetAgro Sup Clermont-Ferrand. There I discovered ecology. I continued my studies with a Master 2 Research in Functional, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Rennes and then with a PhD at the University of Lorraine.

During my three-year PhD thesis at INRAE in Nancy, within the Tree-Microorganism Interaction team, I studied the evolution of a fungus parasite of poplar with, among others, quantitative genetic approaches. I then applied these approaches to the microalga Tisochrisis lutea during my post-doctorate at Ifremer. In the Physiology and Biotechnology of Algae Laboratory, I contributed to the DynAlgue project to initiate the first association genetics approach in microalgae. This approach provides a better understanding of the genetic basis governing complex traits in algae (such as the production of pigments or lipids of interest). In this context, I participated to the SPF congress with the presentation “Pigment profile and association genetics in a clonal diversity of Tisochrysis lutea” (A. Maupetit, E. Nicolau, A. Charrier, E. Robert, T. Lacour et G. Carrier).

Beyond my interest in biological issues, these experiences have highlighted my desire to make data talk. This is why, today, I put my experience in data analysis to good use in my position as Data Scientist at AddixData.

Pigment profile and association genetics in a clonal diversity of Tisochrysis lutea